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Aug 31, 2016

This week, Mr. Endo and Flash Flanagan recap all of the major events of WWE SummerSlam 2016.  Did Brock Lesnar go too far?  Does WWE even care about SmackDown Live?  Should the universal championship be renamed the Eva Marie All Red Everything Title?  Find out the answers to these burning questions and much more!  We also talk in depth about the all-too-real confrontation between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

This episode is dedicated to Ricky "Judge Gator" Weeks.

 P.S.  Hope you enjoy our new opening theme song!  The song is called "Red Line"  by Michael Kisur, who generously gave us his permission to use it for the show.  This is what he told me about the inspiration for the song:

"This song was done for a song pitch opportunity a few years back for a project that needed a sound-a-like for the Kenny Loggins 80's hit, "Danger Zone" (from the Top Gun movie soundtrack). That's why the sound is so dated on the track/mix - I was going for that 80's sound. Funny though, the song's become very popular - it's very surprising to me!"

Thanks again Michael!