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Sep 28, 2016

In segment one, we give a brief rundown of Last Sunday's WWE Clash of Champions Pay-Per-View, going over a few of the important matches and other highlights.  For the first time ever, we talk a little NFL football, and not just about national anthem protests.  We cover the saga of the backup quarterback carousel for the New England Patriots, the amazing early season run of the Vikings and Broncos, and the fight of the century... Odell Beckham Jr. Vs. the kicking net.  We also attempt to summon goblin attack force to the field.

Though it's usually not our style, at the 21:35 mark, we talk about the recent police shootings in Tulsa, OK and Charlotte NC.  We do this show as a means of entertainment, to help people forget the troubles of the world for a little while, but we felt we have a responsibility as podcasters to talk about it, even if only for a few minutes.  If you have a voice, you should speak up when you see something that can't simply be ignored.

Our guest this week is Liam Stryker, co-host of the New Age Insiders podcast as well as the host of his solo podcast, Late Night Liam.  Get to know him in ways you never thought possible unless you were his wet nurse on his birthing day.  We also try out our newest game on him, called "Give Me 3".  There's a special announcement or two at the end of the interview, so be sure not to miss it.

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