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Jun 1, 2017

Endo and Flash are joined by Tony and Jeff, the hosts of the Flicks XRayed podcast for an entire episode full of movie talk and other shenanigans.

In this week's All The Things You Need To Know:

  • The debut of Injustice 2
  • 2017 inductees to the World Video Game Hall of Fame
  • Chester Bennington's temper tantrum
  • Tom Hardy...

May 23, 2017

All the things you need to know:

  • Box office roundup: King Arthur bombs, GotG vol. 2 still soaring
  • Charlie Hunnam eyeing Green Arrow role?
  • TV networks finalize end of season cancellations
  • James Woods lands himself in hot water on Twitter


  • Randy Orton has choice words on Twitter for independent wrestlers. Was he...

Apr 21, 2017

This is an hour jam-packed with as many reviews as we could handle!

  • 02:05 - Logan
  • 18:17 - Ghost In The Shell
  • 31:03 - Power Rangers
  • 43:59 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
  • 49:57 - FFXV: Episode Gladiolous/Chapter 13, Verse 2
  • 53:52 - Persona 5 (first impressions)

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Apr 9, 2017

We are joined by Matthew Wilson, the host of the "Across the Pond" podcast, as well as Ethan "Turbo Lover" Colvin to create the ultimate squared-roundtable about the squared-circle as we go over the 5 hour spectacle that is WrestleMania 33.

We go over every match from the start of the pre-show, to the main event, and...

Mar 31, 2017

Mr. Endo is lost in the woods somewhere, so Flash and his good friends Ethan Colvin and Jesus Sotelo are holding down the fort and bringing you their thoughts on several newly announced movie projects, rumors and and new movie trailers

The finer points

  • 02:21 - Venom solo movie
  • 09:15 - Carnage movie rumors
  • 11:05 -...