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Apr 29, 2017

Endo and Flash spend a nostalgic 45 minutes reminiscing over all things involving the king of games.  You'll get some fun facts on the Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO) manga and anime, as well as the guy's favorite moments and characters. 

The Finer Points:

  • 03:17 - Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally written as a horror manga
  • 08:08 - The YGO anime before the YGO anime
  • 10:05 - The differences between the Japanese and American versions
    • The censoring of cultural gaps
    • Why every 80's cartoon had to have a moral to the story
  • 13:47 - Our favorite things about the YGO anime
    • Bandit Keith is more American than anyone you know
    • Seto Kaiba and Maxamillion Pegasus should have been lovers
    • Duelist Kingdom was secretly a dating reality show
    • Bakura is the best villain in the series
  • 22:53 - The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card game (TCG)
    • Our first memories of playing the TCG
    • The starter decks we chose
    • Escaping from Kremmling, CO
  • 26:32 - Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament play
    • Learning from failure... a LOT of failure
    • The power of competitive friendship
    • RIP Valhalla's
    • The day the student became the master
    • Endo won a tournament, thanks to the judge
  • 37:01 - Flash's memories of the Exodia deck miracle

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