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Jun 26, 2016

This week, we talk to David Key about his experiences shattering his anime convention virginity at A-Kon 27 in Dallas TX.  He was able to give a great analysis of all the happenings there, and we swap a few good war stories while we're at it.

Check out David's podcast, confused nation at

We discuss the lawsuit against Hello Games for the use of the word "sky", because no one uses that word ever and totally deserves to be owned by a company and stuff.

Also, we talk about the Frank Mir suspension from MMA, and dare to dream about Lesnar vs. Mir 3 and what could have been.

We have a VERY SPECIAL announcement at the end of the show.  If you're a fan of MMA and UFC, You do not want to miss it.


All music featured courtesy of Kevin McLeod ( Used under creative commons by attribution 3.0 license.