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Apr 29, 2017

Endo and Flash spend a nostalgic 45 minutes reminiscing over all things involving the king of games.  You'll get some fun facts on the Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO) manga and anime, as well as the guy's favorite moments and characters. 

The Finer Points:

  • 03:17 - Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally written as a horror manga
  • 08:08 - The YGO...

Apr 21, 2017

This is an hour jam-packed with as many reviews as we could handle!

  • 02:05 - Logan
  • 18:17 - Ghost In The Shell
  • 31:03 - Power Rangers
  • 43:59 - Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist
  • 49:57 - FFXV: Episode Gladiolous/Chapter 13, Verse 2
  • 53:52 - Persona 5 (first impressions)

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Apr 15, 2017

Flash and crew go over, in painful detail, every second of the newest Justice League teaser trailer. That's it... What, were you expecting punch and pie? Go listen to the show and be grateful dammit!

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Apr 9, 2017

We are joined by Matthew Wilson, the host of the "Across the Pond" podcast, as well as Ethan "Turbo Lover" Colvin to create the ultimate squared-roundtable about the squared-circle as we go over the 5 hour spectacle that is WrestleMania 33.

We go over every match from the start of the pre-show, to the main event, and...