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Nov 24, 2016

This week, Endo and Flash are joined by the turbo lover Ethan Colvin as they give their full breakdown of UFC 205 and the rise of King Connor.  

Also, Nintendo's underhanded sales tactics are revealed as we live through yet another hardware shortage with the NES Classic.  The guys review a few of the newest games out on...

Nov 17, 2016

In our first segment, we discuss the outcome and the aftermath of the U.S. presidential elections. We give our opinions on how we think Trump was able to win, and where we should go from here. We take some time to discuss the end of the road for Nintendo's Wii U, as the announcement that it has officially stopped...

Nov 9, 2016

Endo and Flash Have a little something for (almost) everyone this week in the first edition of nerd news and reviews

The Finer Points

  • Breakdown of the Chicago Cubs historic World Series win, their first in 108 years
  • WWE's The Undertaker Stops by The Cleveland Cavalier's locker room (in costume) to meet  the Cavaliers...